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Rust Remover Cleaning Spray


Remove the rust. Restore the shine!

Make your car look like new

Rust Remover Cleaning Spray can remove the toughest rust instantly with just 1 spray. Since it's in a liquid form, it makes sure you don't miss out on those hard-to-reach spots.

Not only does it penetrate the rust completely, but it also prevents it from re-forming by creating an antioxidant protective layer. The metal will look like new again.


  • Restore Shine:
    Helps you remove rust instantly and restore shine instantly.

  • Just 1 spray. It is powerful!
    With just 1 spray, the rust stain is completely removed without scrubbing.

  • Immediate result:
    effortlessly remove the toughest rust on all metal and chrome surfaces in 3 minutes!

  • Long-Lasting Protection:
    Not only does it remove rust, it also creates an anti-oxidant layer to prevent rust from reforming.

  • Rinse-free:
    Simply spray on the rusty surface. No scrubbing and no protective gear are required!

  • Multipurpose:
    Can be applied to the bathtub, toilet, car surface, and more.


  • Capacity: 30ML, 100ML.

  • Weight: 40g/130g

  • 1 * rust remover cleaning spray

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